I love Christmas so much it's quite hard to explain. Christmas is absolutly my favourite holiday I mean there are some great holidays out there and easter is a close second but Christmas is the best day of the year.

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My favourite animals

Animals are great creatures like just WOW they are so snazzy. I really love animals. Dogs you can't not love them they are just so loveable, and sloths are the coolest I mean there are some things you proberbly did't know about sloths so i'm going to just have to tell you. Solths only go to the bathroom about once a week how convinent is that that is going to save a lot of time.

Why I love wally

I really aspire to be like wally he is a really cool dude. He's travelled so many places in the world and wherever he goes people there celebrate him by dressing up in similar clothing everyone must really love him.